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Do I have to take a timeshare presentation in order to take advantage of your vacation incentives?
No. You will never be asked or required to take a timeshare presentation. These are all quality vacations. There are no hidden fees or strings attached. Some incentive companies produce incentive vacations by working with a timeshare company. You see, they profit by bringing in customers for the timeshare company, which forces participants to sit through a 90-minute sales presentation on the purchase of timeshares. Bear in mind that a timeshare is not really a free trip. You can contact a timeshare company and enjoy a couple free nights on their property, but only after you agree to sit through their endless sales presentation. How many of You would be happy with your vacation after learning of this hidden obligation
How are you able to offer these incentives?
Our provider contracts with top notch hotel chains, cruise lines and resorts to fill their otherwise empty rooms. They help fill empty rooms which the hotels, cruise lines and our travel agents turn into future sales. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. So when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with Our Provider, they might miss out on the room fee, but they now gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, their casinos, or even for an extra day’s stay. And there is absolutely no obligation from you to purchase Extras offered during the booking process. On the other hand, many members will often extend their stay a few nights, rent a car, purchase travel insurance, visit the casinos, or will even purchase airfare, etc. Since Our Provider is licensed travel agency, they make money on practically every booking through those \\\\\\\”Extras\\\\\\\” which people often purchase. These incentives and services help properties increase their repeat and referral business by building brand loyalty. And this is why premium hotels, elite resorts, and cruise lines agree to partner in the first place. Contracting with the largest conglomerates in the travel industry today ensures quality vacations for You with no timeshares or sales presentations! You will receive everything promised on your Vacation Certificate.
Do the certificates have an expiration date?
Yes, the certificates do have a 30 day expiration date from the day they are printed or emailed. Anytime you log into your personal account to print or email a certificate, each certificate you email or download will automatically be assigned an expiration date 30 days out. Please note that the expiration date printed on the certificates only pertains to the actual redemption of the certificate. After You redeem a vacation certificate, they will have at least 12 months to travel.
Why is there a 30 day expiration date on the certificates?
We put a 30-day expiration date on the certificates to protect you from agreement amendments and rate changes imposed by participating properties and travel companies. Suppose you had a vacation certificate that never expires. Since you do not have a sense of urgency with the offer, the certificate winds up in a kitchen drawer for use at a later date. Well, 1 – 2 years later, you rediscover this long-lost certificate and try to redeem the offer. When contacting the Fulfillment Center, you learn that the Terms and Conditions have changed in keeping with new operating costs. This would be an unfortunate turn of events, and it’s the reason why there is a 30 day expiration date on every certificate; to protect you, the member.
Do I have to set my reservations and travel by the expiration date printed on the certificate?
No. The expiration date pertains to redemption of the vacation certificate only, and does not determine actual travel dates. Once you redeem a vacation certificate, you must notify our Fulfillment Department within 6 months from the date of redemption to share travel plans. All travel must be completed within 12 months of redemption.
How easy do you guys make it for me to redeem the certificates?
You may redeem a certificate online. Customers who redeem online can instantly print out a reservation form, eliminating the agonizing wait for snail mail. Our redemption process requires only a couple steps to complete. Meanwhile other incentive companies contrive a complicated process to discourage You from following through on restrictive terms and conditions.
How many certificates can I redeem?
You can redeem each individual vacation certificate one time within a 12 month period. This means you can take advantage of a 1 night hotel stay, a 2 night hotel stay, a 2 night cruise, etc., enjoying each individual vacation within a 12 month period. However, you cannot redeem two 1 night hotel certificates, two 2 night hotel certificates, etc., within the span of a single year.
Can I resell my certificates?
No. You may not. Reselling certificates violates our terms, conditions, and agreements you accept before using our certificates. Selling certificates individually compromises our business model. We are a Members Benefit Organization, and therefore, to use our certificates you need to be member. Also the agreements Our Provider maintains with our hotel and resort companies prevent us from competing against or jeopardizing their published rack rate. If you were able to sell these certificates, there would be no way to prevent a member from selling our certificates directly to the end user, thereby creating competition and lowering our partner properties’ published rates.
If I sign up am I locked into any kind of contract?
No. There is no contract with us since our program runs exclusively on a year to year basis.
I've seen other incentive companies that seem similar to yours. Are you affiliated with these companies? If not, how is YeBucks.com different and why should I become a member?
Our Provider does not private label their distribution method, nor do they maintain special contracts with any entities that condone the reselling of their products as their own. We do have many companies trying to duplicate the service that we provide, but they have never succeeded. Our Provider contracts with the hotels, resorts, and vacation companies directly, so they are able to facilitate You throughout the fulfillment process. Every company that has attempted to copy Our Provider’s business model has done so by exploiting other fulfillment houses. Unethical re-branding is called “Certing a Cert.” This is the practice of purchasing an incentive from a fulfillment house, then creating their own certificate and then passing the incentive off as their own. In most cases, these unscrupulous businesses do not even have permission from the fulfillment house to re-brand certificates. It is a \”Bait & Switch\”. Half the time You are confused on who exactly they need to deal with because when customers redeem their certificates they just mail them the \”real\” certificate from the actual fulfillment company and now you has to redeem that one. Our Provider differs from other incentive companies in that we are a licensed travel agency; a major legal mandate for businesses who produce or fulfill travel incentives. Disreputable companies fail to reveal this part of their business model, rationalizing exemption from legal scrutiny because they are not actually fulfilling the vacation. However, the law states that if you act as middleman on a certificate, in any fashion, you must be a licensed travel agency. Crooked companies deliberately mislead customers on how their offers are produced, which means these companies are operating illegally.
Can the certificates be used as a reward for my sales staff, managers and field crew?
Yes! Keep in mind our travel incentives are based on F.I.T. only, which means For Individual Travel. Our certificates are not designed for group travel. You would not be able to coordinate a group vacation package using our certificates, but all of your employees will be able to use the offers on an individual basis.

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